Today was perfect spider hunting weather as the webs glistened in the glorious sunlight.  The children loved hunting with their magnifiers and one little person found a very chubby spider having his lunch!

Looking for minibeasts supports so many areas of learning for the children such as:

  • Listening to and following instructions on where to look for minibeasts.
  • Answering questions about the minibeasts that they have found including describing what they look like and where they live.
  • Talking about their mini beast hunt with other children and adults afterwards.
  • Negotiating space and practicing balance by moving around to get the best view of mini beasts.
  • Handling equipment and tools effectively such as the magnifying glasses.
  • Making relationships by working in pairs or larger groups to find, identify and talk about minibeasts, sharing equipment and helping each other.
  • Counting the minibeasts that they find and how many legs they have.
  • Learning about and discovering the similarities and differences of minibeasts e.g. how they move.
  • Observing the minibeasts and identifying them by describing different features, parts of the body, how many legs etc.

Lets hope for lots more sunny days before the end of term.