Our first full week at Pre-School

We hope everyone has had a good first full week.  The children are curious and excited to be exploring the setting.  The big hit has been the revamped mud kitchen and the weather has been kind, so we have been able to spend lots of time outside. 

Exploring sensory materials such as mud is important for all children.¬†From the very first day they are born, children are designed to explore the world via their senses. That’s why babies and toddlers touch everything and put things in their mouths. It’s why they spin in circles until they’re so dizzy, they fall over and then get up and do it again.

Playing with different types of textures, tastes, and objects also helps build new ways of talking about the world. For example a tree becomes more than a tree, it has smooth bark, or a pine tree might have rough bark and a pine scent.¬†Tastes, too, can build your child’s language. Food can be not just an apple but a tangy apple, salty popcorn or sweet peach.

Sensory play can also be a calming experience – notice how your child is calmer after a bath and the experience of being in water.

We explore lots of different sensory activities at St Saviour’s so follow the blog or Facebook page to see more over the coming months.