The importance of a mark!

As adults, writing comes easily, for children however, writing is a whole new skill requiring time, practice and encouragement. The skill of writing begins with mark making.  We love encouraging the children to make a mark and you don’t need just a pen and paper –  this week we have used paint, pens on cars, […]

Dark Den

The children had such a fantastic week looking at space, rockets and the moon. It was a great opportunity to explore some sensory activities and play with light in the dark den. They loved the space walk.  We placed different objects under a sheet and then they could feel how hard or soft they were […]

Risky play!

We sometimes let the children climb up a slide. Yes that’s right – go UP a slide!  But only when no one is waiting to come down.  But why would we allow such a thing?  Well, it’s all to do with the importance of this type of play. Studies have shown that overprotecting children can […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We had a wonderful visitor today talking about demolition and recycling. Thank you Howard Button for bringing explosions and recycling to life.  A great start to our week looking at how we can reduce, reuse and recycle.

Spider lunch!

Today was perfect spider hunting weather as the webs glistened in the glorious sunlight.  The children loved hunting with their magnifiers and one little person found a very chubby spider having his lunch! Looking for minibeasts supports so many areas of learning for the children such as: Listening to and following instructions on where to […]

Our first full week at Pre-School